Rodrigo De La Calle

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Country : Spain


Address : Box Art Hotel – La Torre, Paseo de los Rosales, 48, 28450 Collado Mediano, Madrid, Spain

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by Miguel Angel Rincón

Rodrigo de la Calle’s professional career began in Aranjuez when, in 2007 he set up Gastrobotánica together with the botanist Santiago Orts. It was a radically new concept that advocated finding culinary uses for a whole series of barely known vegetables, which Rodrigo himself was using to create truly amazing culinary wonders, turning him into a celebrity in just a few years.

He won almost every possible prize to be won. He converted his restaurant in Aranjuez into a temple for gourmets, and then worked for a short while in Madrid.

Since 2015, he has been spearheading another revolution in a completely different setting. Every day, he designs the dishes for El Invernadero, a glass cube with barely ten tables in the garden of a small hotel in Collado Mediano in the sierra near Madrid. It is his home and is where he devotes himself to a new concept and his green revolution (#revoluciónverde); a menu where creativity, aesthetics, and flavor reach unexpected heights, and where vegetables are the indisputable protagonists. It is not vegan nor vegetarian. It is plant-based cuisine; great green cuisine. Astonishing dishes that have, furthermore, led Rodrigo to become the main consultant on cooking vegetables to the multi-Michelin- starred French chef Joël Robuchon.

If the cooking of the future is green, as announced by so many voices, one thing is clear: Rodrigo is its high priest.

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  • 1 Michelin Star

  • A Gastro-Botanical Chef 2011 Chef of the Year by Madrid Fusión

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