Pedro Subijana

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Country : Spain

Restaurant : AKELAŔE

Address : Padre Orkolaga Ibilbidea, 56, 20008 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Website :

The young Pedro Subijana studied to be a chef at the Euromar School in Zarautz under Luis Irizar, now a close friend. After beginning his career in Vitoria, Tolosa, Hernani, Madrid, and Estella, Pedro moved to the Akelaŕe to work as head chef.

Throughout his storied career of more than 40 years at the restaurant, Subijana was instrumental in creating one of the most important gastronomic movements of our time—New Basque Cuisine. The influence and dynamism of the movement owes much to the approach (fiercely local yet innovative) and ethos (collaborative and open) that Subijana and his contemporaries purposefully conceived in the late 70s.

Akelaŕe , now a three-Michelin- star restaurant, rests on the beautiful slopes of Monte Igueldo. Subijana, much awarded elder statesman of New Basque Cuisine, great contributor to world gastronomy, continues to cook here for delighted and adventurous eaters with his triumvirate of experience, boldness, and passion.

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  • 3 Michelin Stars and 4 Repsol Suns

  • 2016 Premio Nacional de Gastronomía Tradicional Lola Torres Awardee

  • Prime mover of New Basque Cuisine

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